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2023 TNT Race Series

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Rules:   You must be a paid TNT member to participate, dues are $10 per year. Dues can be paid at any Turtle run, you can also SIGN UP HERE!  

The race distances that you will be able to submit are, 5k, 4 mile, 8k/5 mile, 10k, 15k, 10 mile, Half Marathon. Marathon, 50k and 50 Mile.

The longer the distance, the more points the race will be worth (see scoring chart below)


You are allowed to enter a time for each distance as many times as you want, only your fastest time will count. Please try to submit the race within 1 week of running it, so the overall standings stay accurate throughout the year. Submit your race result here!


The Race Series will run from 1/1/2023 until the 2023 TNT Christmas Party (approx. the 1st or second week of December) We will do the awards at the Christmas Party.


Scoring:   Top 10 in each race will be scored using the age graded calculator, runners will also get points for the top 5 non age graded (regular). Your total accumulated points will determine the winner.  


Awards:   We will have Top 5 Overall Awards (total combined points for AG and Reg) and also Top 3 age graded performance of the year (based on the age graded percentage points) The age graded calculator takes gender into account, however…if we have more than 5 females run at least 5 races, we will add a female division as well.


Other accolades throughout the year that might earn you a Turtle Parade (TP) our Top Performance of the Month, Most Improved Turtle and Most Raced Turtle. The possibilities are endless.

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